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The mission of Pathways Shelter for the Homeless is “to serve the immediate needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness within the Yankton area, while engaging partners in developing long-term solutions. The shelter was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a home.”

About our Program

For those who may not be aware, Pathways is the only emergency shelter serving homelessness within a 60-mile radius of Yankton. In 2017 we served men, women and children from 17 different counties in our region, with a majority coming from Yankton County. That amounted to 268 unique individuals. In addition to the men and women we served, we saw 43 families with 77 children. We expect to surpass these numbers by year’s end.

At Pathways, we provide emergency shelter to those without housing, while also providing assistance to those facing the potential of experiencing homelessness. We can provide assistance and referrals that can help keep or find permanent long-term housing. We provide assistance with finding housing; filling out paperwork, assistance with deposits, rent, utilities, food, childcare necessities, furniture, and other items. Pathways aims to be a “hand up” rather than a “hand out”, meaning we are a support system for individuals who are willing to move forward using their own power to progress.

Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of homelessness in every person we serve. When someone enters our program, we create tangible goals for them to work towards while in shelter. We then connect them with any relevant social service agencies (job service, mental health, chemical dependency, etc.) to achieve those goals. We work for our clients to exit shelter successfully within 30 days. The average stay in 2018 has been 26 days. We will grant stays up to day 60, but each adult must pay $5 per day for days 31-60.

Upon successful completion of our program, our staff and volunteers physically help clients move into their new residence. We provide them with household goods that have been donated to us by generous community members.

In 2017, we saw a 72% success rate. This means 72% of the individuals and families that came through our shelter were stabilized by finding gainful employment, establishing long-term housing, and achieving any other short-term goals. To this day, I’m proud to report that 100% of those individuals remain in housing in our community as tax payers and productive community members. So far in 2018, we have seen an 80% success rate. It is our goal to continue growing that number.

Partnership with United Way

United Way of Greater Yankton plays a crucial role in the fight against poverty in our community. Pathways is proud to be a partner agency. In 2019, United Way’s support will account for 23% of our budget. In addition to financial support, United Way is an excellent liaison between our organization and our community.

In Yankton, we don’t often see people sleeping on the streets, in our parks, or under our bridges. We don’t often see people pushing a shopping cart holding all of their belongings, or panhandling on street corners. This is because the United Way exists and is able to support all of the wonderful agencies fighting poverty in our community. YOUR support of United Way makes all of this possible!

For more information, please contact Jesse Bailey at 605-665-8994 |  

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