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At Yankton Transit ~"We provide innovative and sustainable transportation solutions that facilitate the communities’ needs of mobility for medical, social, work commute, youth, low income and general public."

Yankton Transit (YT)has been operating over 20 years providing public transportation for the residences of Yankton County. We provide door to door service for our customers. YT service is primary designed for transportation disadvantaged residents; nevertheless, the general public may also ride.  There are no restrictions or any qualifying process.  YT operates Monday through Friday, with service starting at 7:30am and ending at 4:30pm. We have 13 buses and 3 vans, 17 drivers, 2 dispatchers & one manager; and are accessible to all passengers.  Last year Yankton Transit provided 93,962 rides for 1,143 people.

An important service that transit provides to the community of Yankton is rides to and from medical appointments. Last year YT provided 16,596 medical rides. Yankton Transit is a certified Medicaid provider, so Medicaid eligible residents do not need to pay for their trips.  YT is able to claim reimbursement for these trips by billing Medicaid directly.

Agencies that provide services for people with disabilities, senior citizens, and people of lower income qualify with the Federal Transit Administration to become a Qualified Human Service Organization (QHSO). QHSOs are able to schedule group trips to meet the needs of the people they serve. Many of these riders utilize transit for recreation. Last year we provided 26,321 rides for social and recreation reasons. We were able to help the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) become a QHSO, which allowed us to support the 2018 World Archer Indoor Championship in getting 424 participants to the events plus rides to and from the airport.

Last year, Yankton Transit provided 1,231 rides to the nutrition program at The Center. For many of these riders’ transit is the most reliable form of transportation. The transporting of theses customer allowed them to receive meals, and the chance to socialize while doing activities such as playing cards, line dancing, bingo, and other activities.    

Yankton Transit riders, ride for many reasons from medical to employment to recreation. Many people find Yankton Transit a convenient and affordable way to get to and from work. Currently, we provide transportation for a recent high school graduate. She grew up riding Yankton Transit to school and continues to do so now that she is a working adult. Transit has become a safe, dependable, affordable, and convenient community resource for her. Last year we provided 21,002 rides for employment.

Yankton Transit provides several safe and dependable rides for students of Yankton. For parents who work early in the morning, YT provide rides to school. After school while many parents are at work transit provides rides home, to daycare facilities, and after school activities.  YT also transports students from Scared Heart Schools with transportation to the Public Schools for the music program and sports. Last year we provided 24,912 rides for students.  YT also uses United Way dollars to help youth attend the summer lunch program and people with disabilities to Special Olympic events and bingo. 

Yankton Transit is a non-profit partially funded by grants from the federal and state governments. These funding grants require a local match; YT must provide 50 percent of operating cost and 20 percent of capital purchases cost.  The funds YT receives from United Way qualify as match monies for these federal grants.  For many residents of Yankton and the county, YT is their lifeline.

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