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For decades, United Way & Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton has celebrated the power of volunteers to come together to tackle tough challenges, advocate for important issues and build stronger, more resilient communities.

Scott Kooistra, Sports Director with KYNT 1450, and host of Yankton’s Morning Coffee program, provides a platform for local health & human service organizations and their volunteers, sharing stories of challenges, impact, and calls to action! Kooistra is an engaged community member whose voice, and caring personality, are crucial components to the success of many local programs.

Kooistra was recently recognized for this advocacy and commitment to community during United Way of Greater Yankton’s Community Campaign Last Blast 12 hour radio event - as the March 2018 Volunteer of the Month.

Thanks to Scott’s assistance with marketing materials, PSA’s, annual events and monthly radio spots, United Way is ever present in the minds and hearts of community members.

 “Scott has been the cheerleader and voice for United Way and local nonprofits for decades,” shared Lauren Hanson, Executive Director for United Way of Greater Yankton, who presented Kooistra with the award. “Scott is always willing to share the impact made by our partners, while creating calls to action to get everyone in the community involved.  United Way couldn’t do what we do without his support.”

United Way Partner Agencies agree!

Frani Kieffer, Servant Hearts Clinic - “Scott is an advocate not only for Servant Hearts Clinic but for every organization and cause in our community. When you look up "LIVE UNITED" in the dictionary, I have no doubt you will see a picture of Scott Kooistra.”

Veronica Trezona, Yankton Area Literacy Council - Scott raises the bar for broadcasting in the area. He works tirelessly for any and all organizations. To get his assistance, just ask!”

Jill Paulson, Boys & Girls Club of Yankton -Scott always has a smile on his face and he is just SO GOOD at making those who may not be used to being on the radio feel comfortable and at ease so that their message can be heard in a fun and interesting way.”

Carla Hummel, Food for Thought - “Scott is so attentive to the Yankton community and supportive of so many events, activities, and especially non-profits.”

Brad Link, River City Family Connections-Scott Kooistra shows endless compassion for the community of Yankton and everyone in it. Scott is a true inspiration for all he does for the non-profits and services of Yankton.”

Sherri Rodgers Conti, Southeast CASA - “Scott is always willing to have Southeast CASA on his Morning Coffee show anytime we need to get the word out about our program.”

Miranda Leusink, Habitat for Humanity - “He is a phenomenal volunteer and partner of Habitat for Humanity, always willing to lend his voice and hands to foster growth for our organization.”

Deanna Branaugh, Parents as Teachers - “Scott is an amazing partner as he just helps generate enthusiasm for our program and our events. He just oozes with enthusiasm!”

Jesse Bailey, Pathways Shelter for the Homeless - “Scott makes time on Morning Coffee for anyone that needs it. He's always positive and speaking with him is an uplifting experience!”

Christy Hauer, The Center - “Scott makes telling our story so easy. He cares about The Center and he is invested in our community. He gives back and gives back and continues to give back.”

Becky, Family Education & Counseling Center - “Scott maintains professionalism with a personal flair and is so present and giving.”

Sheri Duke, Yankton Special Olympics - “I love Scott! He radiates enthusiasm in everything he does!”

Desiree Johnson, River City Domestic Violence Center - “Scott offers so many beautiful gifts to our community and United Way partner agencies through his endless dedication, loyalty and mindfulness of each organization.”

We asked Scott to share, in his own words, more about his advocacy and volunteer efforts.

I have lived here in the Yankton Area Since 1985, except for some years when I went to the Minneapolis and Omaha areas before I regained my senses and returned to the Yankton community!

I began volunteering when I moved to Yankton, it's such a great way to meet people and learn about these incredible organizations in our area.

I continue volunteering because it's really a good feeling to help people in this wonderful area and besides…it's fun!!

I volunteer at many organizations and groups, but my longest running tenure is being an officer with the Yankton Quarterback Club since the mid-1980s, and volunteer approximately 500 hours per year.

My most memorable volunteer experience was setting a World Record in 1997 by broadcasting for 170 consecutive hours and raising funds for the Yankton Women's Shelter and Yankton Children's Center throughout the marathon broadcast.

The advice I would give to those thinking about getting out there and volunteering in their communities is - don't just think about it, try it!  Even if it's only a couple hours per month, your time and talents are so important for so many people.  United Way & Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton have all kinds of ways that you can help.

For more information on local volunteer opportunities, or to nominate a Volunteer of the Month, visit, email or call (605)665-6766.



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