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Amortization schedule.  Quick, tell me what that is! I’m guessing that some people reading this know what that is, and others don’t.  And unfortunately, those that don’t might think something along the lines of “I don’t know that, I’m stupid”.  WRONG!  You are only uneducated.

There, now you know one of my pet peeves.  People thinking they are stupid because they don’t know something, or even ashamed because they think they should know and don’t.  Appreciating the difference between uneducated and stupid is a big deal. It does away with the shame. There’s no shame in not knowing something.  If we can recognize that difference, that means that our only barrier to knowledge is making the effort to learn.

On my business card it says “Financial Counselor and Educator”.  Education is a huge part of my job, and I’ll admit it, one of my favorite parts.  I figured out late in life that I wanted to teach, and now I get to. Woo hoo!

In the LSS Center for Financial Resources, we have a lot of opportunities for people to get educated.  Do you want to buy a home and don’t know where to start? How about a Homebuyer Education session? That covers budgeting, credit, shopping for a home, finding a lender, finding a real estate agent, home inspections, avoiding predatory lending and caring for your home after purchase.  Are you trying to build a credit rating but are unsure how?  Take a class in Credit Basics!  We’ll talk about how to read your credit report, understanding your credit score and how to make good borrowing decisions that will build a good credit rating. Do you want to use a budget, but don’t know how?  A Money Smarts class will get you on the right track.  Are you an employer that wants to offer some education to your employees?  We can set up a class to meet your needs.

The Center for Financial Resources served 602 clients with both counseling and education in 2016.  United Way of Greater Yankton support is crucial to our mission to Strengthen Individuals, Families and Communities. Not only with the financial support to our agency, but as a link to other agencies in the area that provide services.  United Way is the hub for a substantial wheel of non-profit agencies serving our community, and to say their work is essential is an understatement.  I’m so proud to be a part of a community that supports United Way, and proud to work for an agency supported by United Way.

Still wondering what an amortization schedule is? It tells you how much of each payment on a loan is principle and interest. Big word, simple concept.  Knowing that can help you to understand how your loan is paid, and possibly even how to save money on interest.  Education is power!

Sylvia Selgestad
Financial Counselor and Educator
LSS Center for Financial Resources

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