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They say those who can, do and those who can do more, volunteer. This statement is true of many, but especially of longtime RSVP volunteer Mary Sathe, who was recently recognized for her incredible generosity and commitment to youth at Beadle Elementary. Sathe, who volunteers over 300 hours per year at Beadle was awarded as the United Way of Greater Yankton January Volunteer of the Month.

“Mary is a kind and generous person who has a lifelong passion for helping children.” stated Sue May, Beadle Elementary Teacher, who nominated Sathe for the award. “Mary not only gives the children special attention, but shares kindness with everyone she meets. She is always eager to help out and is blessing to many community organizations.”

We asked Mary to tell us a little about her volunteer efforts:

I have lived here in the Yankton Area since 1940, and began volunteering over 15 years ago.

I continue volunteering because I love it! I do not look at volunteering as a job. I look at it as an opportunity to help others.

I volunteer with different organizations including Yankton Sack Pack Program, Summer Lunch Program, The Christmas Store, Food for Thought, and my local church. Most of my volunteer time is spent with first grade children at Beadle Elementary. I volunteer at Beadle 3 days per week and help with various classroom activities and most of the events held at the school.

Volunteer work is enjoyable because it makes me feel good that I am helping people, especially children. It is so enjoyable I spend over 300 hours per year volunteering.

My best volunteer experience was when one of the first graders came out in the hall to read with me and handed me one of her school pictures as a gift. This made me feel special!

The advice I would give to those thinking about getting out there and volunteering in their communities is to just try it, you will love it. You will make many friends volunteering. Helping people is always a good thing!

For more information on local volunteer opportunities or to nominate a Volunteer of the Month, visit or call United Way of Greater Yankton at (605) 665-6766. 

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